Sneha Divakar said...

I just happened to hop by your travelogue. I liked it a lot. You seem to travel a lot. What do you study/work as? i ask this because I am also very fond of traveling and I am looking for opportunities.

BTW, nice art work. I also happen to be an artist. But I paint on paper not graphic.
Waiting to see your reply..

LOH Kwai Yin said...

Hi Sneha

Thanks for visiting the blog and nice to hear that it does have some elements that interest you :D

Well, I am in the education field, hence traveling is one of the ways I seek to rewind after the hectic semester :D It's also interesting to travel to see the many things that I don't find back at home (Singapore).

As of the artwork, it's done quite sometime ago... a fair number were from my school days... since started teaching, realise have lesser and lesser time to enjoy the passion.